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Targeted Email Marketing

Many of your retailers want to include email in their marketing mix, but don't have enough email addresses from their past customers to make it an effective addition. That's where Mail America come in. Mail America has a 125,000,000 record database of 100% opt-in consumers who want to receive offers in their inbox from local retailers. And Mail America gives the retailer two different ways to utilize this incredible program.

Match and Mail - Used in conjunction with a direct mail event, the Match and Mail program allows us to load the physical mailing list into our system and match up to 40% of the direct mail recipients with their personal home email address. Mail America then delivers to each matched consumer an HTML email campaign that reinforces the direct mail event and delivers a lift to the response rates.

Stand Alone Events - Using specific zip codes, or a specific mile radius around the store: Mail America identifies the opt-in consumers that fall within the specified geography. We can further qualify the consumers using gender and income selects to refine the email target. Once the list is approved, Mail America deliver to the consumers an HTML email with 100% deliverability. Metrics after the campaign include open rate, click through rate and when utilizing our coupon technology, print rates.

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